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Discover your path to wellness
with options to match your lifestyle!

12 Week Bootcamp


Kick off your path to well-being with our engaging 12-Week Bootcamp. Crafted for individuals prepared to embrace a challenging but fulfilling journey towards weight loss and better health, this comprehensive program zeroes in on the four critical areas essential for success.

MedPlus+ Program



The Med Plus+ Program combines GLP-1 weight loss medications with your choice of either nutrition counseling or exercise sessions. We believe integrating medications with a focus on a healthy lifestyle is crucial for comprehensive wellness and weight loss.


Explore mindful nutrition with our expert dietitians, discovering weight loss secrets through smart meal planning, hydration, and the rich Mediterranean diet. Learn to balance and monitor nutrients, turning meals into a fusion of health and taste.


Recognizing that lifestyle changes may not suffice for all, we include weight loss medications under professional guidance. Though program fees exclude medication costs, we collaborate with your insurance for coverage options or provide special pricing, ensuring an accessible journey to your wellness goals.


Discover a program that combines personalized training with the vitality of group workouts for a dynamic approach to your fitness and weight loss goals. Enjoy the best of both: customized exercise plans by expert trainers and the motivational boost of group sessions.


Welcome to our program's core, where we foster a supportive community for our members. Here, guidance, motivation, and accountability are abundant, shared by all on their wellness paths. In this nurturing space, members gain encouragement, share experiences, and celebrate progress together.


With this option, GLP-1 weight loss medications are prescribed and carefully monitored by a licensed physician, ensuring your treatment is both safe and effective. Our medical professionals work closely with you to tailor the medication to your specific needs, providing guidance and oversight throughout your journey to health.

Plus+ Nutrition

Choosing the MedPlus+ Nutrition option provides a holistic approach to your wellness journey by incorporating nutritional education and personalized coaching. 

     Plus+ Exercise

Choosing the MedPlus+ Exercise option offers an enhanced approach to achieving your wellness goals with guidance from a certified personal trainer and group fitness sessions. 

     Plus+ Lite

Choosing the MedPlus+ Lite option offers a balanced approach to achieving your wellness goals with both exercise and nutrition support. 

Woman stretching and working out for a happier and healthier lifestyle
Woman stretching and working out for a happier and healthier lifestyle


Your healthier,

happier self awaits!

For as low as

Jump In With Us



Join today by filling out this form or call us at 704-774-3044. Once you register, paperwork will be emailed to you to collect your information. 



After completing your paperwork, our team will contact you to arrange a visit with our provider. This session will cover your wellness goals, medication options, and include a vital signs check and bloodwork.


The 12 Week Bootcamp will include educational workshops led by our dietitian, as well as workout sessions under the guidance of our trainer. These activities will be conducted in a small-group setting with fellow participants.

The Med Plus+ Program will be planned alongside the participants schedule and either the dietitian or trainer. 


Expert Team, Expert Results

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Can anyone participate in the 12 Week Bootcamp and MedPlus+ Program?

We are excited to welcome individuals who want to lose weight in a healthy way! If you meet any of the following criteria, we will not be able to include you in either of these programs at this time because of the increased risks to your health. 

  • Age less than 18 years old or over 85 years old

  • Unstable cardiovascular disease (e.g. heart failure, coronary disease, uncontrolled hypertension)

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Major surgery within past 3 months

  • Active or untreated eating disorder

**If you have known heart, lung, liver, or kidney disease, you will need clearance from your PCP or specialist.

Healthy Food


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